Elanda Self-Service Kiosks: Enhancing the Medical Clinic Experience May. 15,2024

Elanda Self-Service Kiosks: Enhancing the Medical Clinic Experience

Modern medical clinics aim to provide efficient and personalized healthcare services, and the Elanda K20 self-service kiosk is the perfect embodiment of this vision. Here's how the Elanda K20 is applied in a medical clinic setting:

  1. Simplified Appointment and Registration Process:

    • Patients can use the Elanda K20 self-service terminal to schedule appointments with doctors or for specific medical tests, and easily complete the registration process.
    • The large touchscreen interface provides clear and intuitive operation guidance, allowing patients to conveniently select the desired services and appointment times.
  2. Enhanced Multi-Tasking Performance:

    • The Elanda K20 is equipped with a high-performance CPU, ensuring quick responses and smooth operations, thereby enhancing patient satisfaction and medical service efficiency.
  3. Diverse Payment Methods:

    • The self-service terminal supports various payment methods, including NFC payment, QR code payment, etc., allowing patients to choose their preferred payment method and improving the overall payment experience.
  4. Personalized Healthcare Services:

    • Patients can autonomously select doctors, medical tests, etc., according to their needs and preferences, thereby achieving personalized healthcare services.
  5. Improved Medical Service Efficiency:

    • The self-service terminal reduces the workload of front desk staff, allowing them to focus more on providing higher-quality medical services.
    • The simplified appointment and registration process significantly reduces waiting times, improving the efficiency and quality of medical services.

Elanda K20 self-service terminal, medical clinics can achieve end-to-end intelligent management from appointment scheduling to patient visits, enhancing the overall medical experience for patients while also improving the efficiency and quality of medical services.

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