Touch Screen Cash Register for Retail
Elanda POS Machine Strictly Controlled By Production Inspection Aug 02, 2019

Elanda POS machine is manufactured strictly in accordance with operational guidance.

When the product is installed, there are anti-static measures. After the installation, the initial inspection of the product is carried out. Up to 48 hours of aging after initial examination.

T310 Touch Screen POS Machine

There is specialized software for continuous testing of each component during aging. After the aging test is correct, the final test of the product and safety tests of pressure resistance, leakage current, and grounding resistance are also conducted. Detailed inspection of appearance and accessories should be performed before packaging. If there's any inconsistency in any process, And immediately transfer to the repair line, To ensure that the product provided to the customer is intact before the appearance. Elanda's touch-screen POS machine is rigorously tested before it is put on the market. Including functional tests, application performance tests, safety performance tests, electromagnetic compatibility tests, and temperature, humidity tests, etc..Ensure that the performance of the product meets the requirements of international standards, meet the needs of users, there is no security hidden danger.

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